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The 'Ridett' is the name given to the lengthy sexually themed message- either sent via social networking, mail, or text. A ridett to be a ridett will have to a one point refur to the size of ones penis.
Ridett-"hey babe Wana suck my 9inch dick?"
by Mowle January 06, 2012
A Spagend is the name given to youths who attend education to praise their teachers, Spagends will often complement teachers out of the blue some times even going so far as to neaten collars and clothes of such teacher. These Spagends will often find themselfs on the receiving end of regular beatings from there piers.
Spagend-"I must say sir, I really do think you bring the heart and soul to the English department"
Teacher- "Thankyou Spagend,"
Spagend- "sir your tie is slightly out of line let me straitened it for you"
by Mowle January 06, 2012
Outstandingly attractive and intellectual person, a Mowle will often lead a social group throughout high school and later. Often enough the Mowle will have light or even Ginger hair, this will highlight his good looks, capability to be individual and lead. A Mowle often shunns several members of the social group to establish himself as the dominant male- these members are always physicaly impaired or extremely ugly.
"I wish I was a popular as that kid Mowle"
by Mowle January 06, 2012
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