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N. a line of muppet vibrators produced in the 1980's
She was a big fan of Kermit the frog so i shoved a fistful of furry fingers in her carnal forge
by Movie Producer Zack May 14, 2007
Noun. Sierra Mist, a shockingly refreshing aphrodisiac.
Verb. The act of pouring Sierra mist all over someone's body in a very sexual manner.
Yo I had this bitch over at my house and i grabbed a 12 pack of Sierra Mist, and i told her to grab her ankles while i sierra misted her all night long.
by Movie Producer Zack February 21, 2007
"Does he like it Klaus? Does he like when he touches you with the feather"-Kienan

said with German Accent

To klaus someone is to torture someone named Klaus with a feather
by Movie Producer Zack May 17, 2007

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