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Warrior Babe named Summer Vale in the film "Dark Rising" and TV series "The Savage Tales of Summer Vale" played by actress Brigitte Kingsley.
Karl; That Summer Vale chick kicks ass eh?
Sonia; A liberated woman you mean.
Karl; Ha, her T shirt says "Woman of Mass Destruction"
Sonia; I thought her T shirt would get your attention!
Karl; Mass Destraction more like it, she's Hot!
Sonia; She'd kick your ass Karl
by Movie Maaad March 18, 2011
Gorgeous Canuck (Canadian) actress/film producer.
William; Hey, did you see that Brigitte Kingsley babe in "Medium Raw"?
Sonia; Ya, I did......
William; Did you know she's also a Producer?
Sonia; Um, Ya I did....
William; Hot babe Eh!
Sonia; Ya sure.
William; I hear she's into video games and sports and cars and....

Sonia; I think your pants are on fire William.
by Movie Maaad March 18, 2011

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