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Penorawth is the ARCH FOE of anything that lives. (Mostly Davidoth.)
He is the complete opposite of anything pleasurable.

He is undead, fugly, smelly, nasty, stupid, retarded, failure, not witty or cunning at all, and hes a super villian.

Penorawth originated when he thought everything with OTH sounded cool after it, but he couldn't have the Oth, therefore creating awth.
Guy 1 - Did you see Sephiroth totally kill Penorawth?
Guy 2 - Ya that was awesome!

Guy 1 - Can you help me kill Astaroth on MapleStory?
Guy 2 - Why don't we just kill PENORAWTH.
by Mountaindo September 01, 2010
Davidoth may be a reference to the Electronica band (Davidoth), or Davidoth, "Ruler of the Universe", as known by his many "followers" the penar army.
1st Davidoth
Guy 1 - Hey bro wanna go see Davidoth tonight?
Guy 2 - Hell yeah, he's 10x better than darude.

2nd Davidoth
Guy 1 - Did you see Chuck Norris round house kick Jebus in the jaw?
Guy 2 - Yeah! He pulled a total Davidoth!
by Mountaindo September 01, 2010
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