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Implies that something is "all fucked up", "all jacked up" or otherwise "FUBARed".
Person 1: Why are you beating the shit out of the computer?

Person 2: Facebook is all jacked to the tits today and not working right.

Person 1: What?

Person 2: Nevermind, I'll just put it urban dictionary so that it can actually be considered a word or phrase.
by Mountain Dew Boy Pepitated April 24, 2010
When this finally happens it will be the most awesome thing ever. Larry Bird Shit will be Wheel-of-Fortune's last before and after before the world ends.
Contestant 1: I'll take L for 100.
Contestant 2: I'll take R for 300.

Sajak: There we go.....3 Rs.
Contestant 3: I'd like to buy a vowel....I

Sajak: Ok....2 Is.
Contestant 1: I'd like to solve the puzzle....Larry Bird Shit.

*BOOM* World ends in an instant.
by Mountain Dew Boy Pepitated April 18, 2010
Udooi is a stupid sounding "huh" noise. When someone gets hit upside the dome with an object, it is not uncommon for the person to murmer "udooi?" on their way to the deck. Udooi is centuries old, it is a thousand wonders it has yet made it into the annals of history. When Achiles's heel was injured in battle, it was well known that his last words were "Udooi?". When Goliath was struck down by David.....his last words were also "Udooi?". When someone is stumped as to what another person has just said, their response may be....."Udooi?".
Person 1: *incoherent* blah blah blah.
Person 2: Udooi?

Person 1: *throws rock* @ person 2.
Person 2: *thud* Udooi? *hits ground*
by Mountain Dew Boy Pepitated April 08, 2010
B-Caw is THE word. Cameo once tried to make Word-up the word....even a "cool word that no matter where you say it you know that you will be heard", but failed miserably. B-Caw, always was, is, and will be THE word. It is beleived that Cameo was not awesome enough to use the word B-Caw, so he used Word-up in its place.
Don't try to lie, don't try to lie, you know B-Caw's tha word.
by mountain dew boy pepitated April 18, 2010

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