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A redneck intellectual backwater. Ranks 10th among the 12 SEC institutions in both SAT and GRE averages. Mississippi State University & the University of Mississippi, aka "Ole Miss," rank 11th & 12th. Located in Tuscaloosa, a pathetic peckerwood Wal-Martesque Twilight Zone shithole out near Mississippi and former headquarters of the KKK. Uber obsessed with Auburn and "footbawl," few "students" would know Proust from Proulx from Prado. Its nemesis, Auburn, is another "university" in the state, but it is close to Georgia and Atlanta, with several thousand students from metro Atlanta, the Northeast, the Midwest, the West Coast and Asia who have diminshed the inbred factor substantially - while increasing standardized test averages to something approaching halfway respectable. The University of Alabama female "students" attend classes wearing flip-flops and with their stringy platinum blonde hair haphazardly piled megaskank fashion atop their heads. Male "students" invariably feature "Bama Bangs," which makes them appear to have even lower IQs. They speak with accents which make most cringe, as if they are the products of 800 years of inbreeding. Jacked up pickup trucks abound, "Bama" tattoos aren't a rarity and an unsettling percentage of the natives (especially the "Bama Bangs" sporting males) "chew" (chew and spit tobacco). The females see these "attributes" as signs of their men not being gay. "He mat be dumbern possum shit, but he's mah my-yun!"
The University of Alabama cheer: "Ramma Jamma Belly Hamma Row Tah Row! Nah less play sum foot bawl!"
by Mountain Brook for Now Bev August 01, 2010
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