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SMF - Scratch Mad Favorites Syndrome. A person who keeps disturbing his favorite person often through text messages, calls etc.
Clara: Peter !! Why do you send irritate me with your texts and repeated missed calls.
Peter: Babe, I am suffering from SMF Syndrome.
by Moulish_Punk March 09, 2014
A person who hates and ignores for no reason.
Peter: Clara!! Why you did not bother Shawn when you passed through?
Clara: Dude, I have Zero Hatred Spit on him as he proposed me on my birthday.
by Moulish_Punk April 17, 2014
A Dapper who rides his bikes fast and screws other rides using his gimmicks.
John: Dude, Look at him. He rides like a monster causing fucking traffic.
Dave: Yup, his bike Wheels Turn Wild now.
by Moulish_Punk April 26, 2014

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