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What was once a motivational term in the Marine Corps for many, and also a word of acknowledgment. Its use has now become travesty for many demotivated Marines that don't believe enthusiasm should be allowed in their environment.

It is rumored that its origins are in a Turkish term for "Kill", and also possibly from the Korean War when the submarine would sound an "Awwoogahhh", the Marines knew this meant battle was near, and they shortened it to "Oohrah!."

The modern Oohrah is not used as much, particularly in the Air Wing it seems. Still a great term when used appropriately, and with some heart, just like the "Devil Dog" or "motivator" term.
Sergeant/Corporal of Marines: "Oohrah motivator, how are we doin' today?!"

PFC Schmuckatelli: "Ohra (read: Errr)."


Commanding Officer of Unit: "We're leaving for Iraq on this date, are we ready?!"

Motivated Group of Killers: "OOHHRAHHH!"
by MotivatedCorporal May 01, 2009

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