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an enthusiastic interjection which may be utilized by members of the Caucasian race in order to celebrate a uniquely 'white' achievement
Charles: "It seems as though I've gotten mustard on my polo shirt from my turkey and cheese sandwich"

Maxwell: "Well you're in luck mister, I have some moist towelettes in my fannypack"

Charles: "O Maxwell, you're the best"

The two high-five: "DYNOWHITE!"
by Motieu September 11, 2011
The anthem which is played on graduation day/night for those who didn't meet the necessary academic standards for graduation, or in other words, for those who womped in school (to make use of the word coined by T.J. from the cartoon series, 'Recess')
(In the setting of a high school auditorium):

"Oh, they're playing 'womp and circumstance', Charlie should be processing out any second."
by Motieu August 12, 2011
unusually oversized lips. these lips will often be fat n' flabby or tight and thick.
he's trying to run but his apocalips are slowing him down.
by Motieu January 27, 2009

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