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One who provokes or disturbs their online audience through witty or sometimes crappy written content posted to their blog site on an infrequent basis; Unlike prick or cock (tease) most commonly associated with this term, this person frustrates its current and potential blog readers by posting infrequent short stories and further torments those readers through shameless self promotion on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ without returning for an undisclosed period of time. A blog tease can best be characterized through an uncanny ability to tell good stories both online and in person without notice of when they will return again.
#tease #writer #blog #blogger #taunt #torture #readers
by Motherhoodintheraw September 29, 2011
When your craving for a certain food drives you so crazy that you can't think of anything else all day. A combination of the root words crave and crazy.
"Why did Jim have to come back to his desk with a BBQ sandwich? Great, now I'll be crazing one all day."
#craze #crazy #food #crave #craving
by motherhoodintheraw February 15, 2012
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