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A ghetto farm that is usually located on the roof of a unused McDonalds run by gangster farmers.
Gangsta Tony: "Hey gansta John have you gone to the cicko lately to feed the cows"

Gangsta John: "Yea and i even gave them a bandana with our crew name on them"

Gangsta Tony: "Nice Nice"
by Mother Moom June 24, 2008
The feeling that you are being watched by aliens
suzy: "hey whats up Feba?"
Feba: "nothing besides that im so fucking scared right now"
suzy: "why?"
Feba: "I feel a kaka poo!"
by mother moom May 26, 2008
Not beging able to stop farting
Tanya: "Stop farting you Mom!"
David: "I can't cause i have the skitties"
Kristine: "Ewww!!"
by Mother Moom June 24, 2008
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