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a noun used to describe something that is stupidly funny, stupid humor. It is also a website with many pictures of cats.
Tom: Omg, did u see mike fart on the teacher?
Ralph: Yea, it was roflcats!

Drew: I went on roflcats.com last night
Peter: Those cats are funny!
by Mother Farger October 28, 2007
1. What you say when someone asks you where u went, what you did, or when you did it.
2. Peter's contact name on drews fone
3. A great password for any thing.
4. A word to use as an excuse for saying another word (replacement word) it can be ANYTHING
1. a. Drew "Hey, whered u go yesterday with Roberto?"
Peter "Fuck! I went brewishneggin! get off my back
b. Palow "When did u guys have sex?"
Tory "Brewishneggin."

2. Drew "I have Peter's name as Brewishneggin under my fone."

3. James "Whats your pw for WoW?, scince i play do much"
Adam " Oh, uhhhhh... Its Brewishneggin92. Bye."

4. Palow "Tory talks so much"
Peter "Dude, i know... its like...grrr i dont know... Brewishneggin dude, He's so annoying."
by Mother Farger December 11, 2007

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