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An epic battle between a velociraptor and a killer robot with laser eyes. Very rare, and more awesome than Brawndo.
Nothing will ever compare to that Zorftozaxcy I saw last weekend, my life is all downhill fom here.

Did you see the fight last weekend?
Ya, it was comparable to a Zorftozaxcy!!
#veloiraptor #brawndo #awesome #robot #laser #eyes
by Motha' Flippin Hiphopapoatamus April 20, 2009
Something that is both heinous, and an atrocity. May be used to describe a person, place, event, thing, state of mind, or anything else you can think of.
"Did you go to Jim's party on the weekend?"
"Ya it was a Heinocity"

"Did you hear about the serial killer that was just caught?"
"Ya, he was a heinocity"
#heinous #atrocity #severnichi #fedor #paparkko
by Motha' Flippin Hiphopapoatamus December 02, 2009
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