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Someone with short fat stumpy legs. Used in the 70's.
Whoa, that dude has some scrumpystumps.
by Mot Studios November 06, 2004
A secret "Underground" group of individuals. Consists of only the best and brightest. Each member specialises in a particular "subject" and then teaches everyone else in the group about that subject. They also help those less fortunate by offering free web design, free site hosting and more. You will not find a "website" for their group, but the group is pretty large.
Have you every heard of efosb?
by Mot Studios November 15, 2004
The thing that happens when someone with false teeth talks really fast and their teeth flops around in their mouth.
Did you hear that flopperchop?
by Mot Studios November 06, 2004
(1) A jiggly butt.
(2) A butt that jiggles.
Man that girl got a frutterbutt.
by Mot Studios November 06, 2004
Seems like a nice person. Always full of good ideas and nice to talk to. Seems very friendly and always willing to talk.
Lunar Storm is a nice friend.
by Mot Studios November 15, 2004
Smeeky is a wonderful friend I have known for a loooooonnnngg time. He is soo very helpful to everyone he talks to. He has a heart of gold and is soo sweet. He is also a very talented individual who can do things with paintshop pro that I didnt even know was possible.
Smeeky could help with that I bet.
by Mot Studios November 15, 2004
(1) A music promotion company that promotes Independent music for free to help Independent and/or Unsigned Artists get their music heard.

(2) A guy named Mark Reaves who loves to help people and gives away services to deserving people that would otherwise not be available for free.

(3) MOT's Studios. A "Recording Studio" created by the band MOT for music recording reasons.
(1) Mot Studios helped me promote my music.

(2) Mot Studios is a big help.

(3) I went to Mot Studios today to record my new song.
by Mot Studios November 15, 2004

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