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2 definitions by Moshalas

1. A name given to a pony whose real name is not known.
2. A collective group of bronies over the Internet dedicated to eliminating zombies, trolls, hackers, terrorists and pedophiles, by uploading pictures of ponies to wherever they please.
3. Alternative spelling for anonymous.
We all believe in the true spirit of Aponymous, where the remainder of our race can finally come together and spread joy and happiness online, without the interference from Princess Celestia.
by Moshalas July 20, 2011
(-n) A British drink made by gathering dandelions, crushing them to extract the flavour and by mixing a rather obscure purple food colouring.
Sam: Have you tried Dandelion and Burdock yet?
Adam: Yes. In fact, it tastes like leftover soya milk.
by Moshalas June 18, 2011