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V; A form of crowd surfing, except instead of being passed around by the audience on your back, you try to walk around above the crowd, stepping either on peoples heads, shoulders, or on out-stretched hands from fellow moshers. As a bonus, you can try to walk right up to the stage, step over the security, get on stage, run to a different section, and Crowd Step all the way back to where you were. Very difficult, yet SERIOUSLY FUN. Practice makes perfect.
"I am going to go Crowd-Stepping at the SkitSystem concert."
by Mosh_Pit_Warrior_650 September 06, 2008
V; At almost any concert (though mostly Metal concerts), people Crowd surf. Crowd-Jacking is the act of moving towards a crowd surfer heading in your direction and reaching into his pockets, stealing his Cell Phone, Wallet, Cigarettes, Knife, Money, Etc. in the chaos as he passes over your head and the heads of all the other moshers in the pit. In the fun, the Crowd surfer usually never even notices he's just been jacked.
"I don't go to see The Casualties play live anymore because people are always Crowd-Jacking there and ruining the fun."
by Mosh_Pit_Warrior_650 September 06, 2008
V; A rather intense form of head banging used by moshers in the pits at Brutal Metal concerts. The moshers all line up against a fence, and head bang into it, tearing up their faces, spraying blood everywhere, and in some cases, dying. Usually accompanied by a visit to the ER right after the concert.
Person 1:

"Why is your face all fucked up?"

Person 2:

"I was Fence-Banging at the WCWBT concert last night."
by Mosh_Pit_Warrior_650 September 06, 2008

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