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A mathematician who is very arrogant, pompous, and annoying, to the point of being a complete dick.
Matt is such an algebra cunt about his math research so I finally stole his boat.
by Moseby July 12, 2010
To have the best intentions and try to be successful about something, and then suddenly miserably fail at that action altogether.
Wow! He was able to get back to the chick's dorm room making out on the side of the street, but then he completely pulled a moseby and ended up crashing in a dude's dorm room.
by Moseby July 12, 2010
Something that is extreme or epic. Can be a bad or good thing.
While in Germany, I ordered a plate of meat ravoli, which turned out to be a giant sausage patty with a pork chop underneath it, giant meatball - not potatoes. Then to complete the plate, there was still a sausage link underneath a shit ton of gravy. It was quite gupers!
by Moseby July 18, 2010
A really nasty, hairy cooch/twat.
I was fooling around with this chick, and almost went down on her. But luckily I looked first because I saw the nastiest coochzilla so I had to run.
by Moseby July 12, 2010
Paul the Octopus who guesses the victor of the World Cup by going to one of two boxes and deciding who he thinks will come out victorious.
That WC-pus is the boss for picking Spain to win the 2010 World Cup.
by Moseby July 12, 2010
When you take a long nasty shit in your sleep.
I after I finished fucking this chick we went to bed, but then I woke up the next morning and discovered a slumbering lumber.
by Moseby July 12, 2010
A small fan used in the Southeastern US for women, placed directly on their cooch to help prevent massive amounts of cooch sweat.
It is so hot out here, but thanks to the cooch fan, my vagina does not stink
by Moseby June 28, 2010

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