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A hidious looking chic.
A female with cankels and an arse so big she cant even find her love hole.
by Morton November 10, 2004
inspired by "yuyo." describes the horny entity that emerges after a long nite of drinking. may be likened to the emergence of the loch ness monster. signs of "nator" are heightened friendliness, groping, and seductive facial expressions.
"she definitely unleashed her nator on him. they're in the room as we speak."

"his nator is coming out. be careful."
by morton November 04, 2003
A person that is so uptight and anal, that if you gave them a piece of coal to eat they would shit out a diamond.
People who have spent there whole life stressing on dumb shit. These people are uptight and need to take some medication!
by Morton November 10, 2004
to be VERY interested in someone else
"Look at that papo. I'm so salty for him"

"Did you see that papo stare. He's mad salty for you."
by morton November 04, 2003
facial expression of a salty (see "salty") girl when staring longingly at her puto. consists of batting eyelashes, licking lips, crossing arms and the tilting of the head. can also be putoface when performed by a male specimen.
"lala's putafaces towards nigel(see "nigel") were off the chain on superbowl sunday"

"when her nator(see "nator") emerges she gives mad putafaces"
by morton November 04, 2003
a small, firm tissue, southern region.
I like to rub the bean
by Morton March 22, 2005
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