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Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is a disease which is slow and painful to kill.

Its also a weight loss drug found commonly in Africa.


To fall short of success or achievement in something expected, attempted, desired, or approved.


Combine the two and you get a creamy delicious filling of slow and painful death by ones own incompetence and/or stupidity.
Jimmy: "I just posted up a new youtube video to my myspace account of me having sex with my stuffed toy collection!

Tommy: "Dude that shit is so lame that it's filled with AIDS and FAIL!"
by MortisNai March 08, 2008
A Term of contempt for a situation, when other people are trying to fuck you over.

"To get the badge" is defined as regardless of what others are trying to do to screw you, you will still get credit and reward despite them being jealous and petty jackholes.

Often used when someone turns on you because of chronic bitch dependency.
Timmy: "How dare you talk to her that way! She is a woman, and I am a sad and lonely pathetic guy trying to have cyber sex with this chick who is probably going to turn out to be a dockworker! Apologize so that I can get laid or I am kicking you from my team!"

Tommy: "Whatever Bitch, I'll get the badge anyway."
by MortisNai March 09, 2008
Dockworker is a slang term derived from MMORPG's, and originates from the phenomenon of Men playing Female Characters and then pretending to be women outside of the game.

Often used as a more derogative form of G.I.R.L (Guy in real life.)

Dockworkers can often be identified by an over use of pink, making everything into a sexual advance and adding *Giggles* at the beginning of most sentences.
Timmy: So I met this chick online and we started hitting it off, she was all chatty and flirty and before I knew it, we were cybering.

When I finaly convinced her to talk to me on Vent I found out she was a DUDE!

Tommy: Hey man, dockworkers need love too!
by MortisNai March 10, 2008

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