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A sex act in which a receptive partner opens his or her mouth round like a tortilla, then a male partner farts inside the first partner's mouth, then quickly ejaculates on top of it.
"My woman never had Mexican food, so I gave her a genuine bean and cheese burrito."
by Mortimer L. Bard August 13, 2007
A nerdy man who has a timid demeanor and undeveloped physique, (especially a white or Asian man), but an enormous penis.
"Lola said Ling and Bradley are straight-up Undercover Brothers!"
by Mortimer L. Bard August 13, 2007
A sex act in which a partner waits for the other to fall asleep, then recreates Napoleon's portrait where his hand is inside his jacket pocket by quickly jamming four fingers into the sleeping partner's vagina or anus. The offending partner then shouts "Avec non!" and withdraws.
"He fell asleep right after, so I hit him with a Napoleon."
by Mortimer L. Bard August 13, 2007
VERB - A form of sex where the penetrating partner withdraws his/her penetrating device/organ/fingers, coats them in hot sauce (preferably a Mexican-made brand such as Tapatio), then reinserts. The penetrated partner then lets out a cry, along the lines of "Yaarrrrrrraaahaaa!"
A: "I just South of the Bordered this hot chick from Accounting, and she screamed like a marichi. Then she ran off like Speedy Gonzalez."
B: "That's a terrible stereotype."
by Mortimer L. Bard August 13, 2007

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