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Russia is a country starting in the east of europe and covering almost half of the asian continent. In its history it has fought many wars, and for those who say its peaceful now, and that it is "thebestomfg", go read some fucking recent news! their recent invasion and take - over of a neighboring country shows the true face of the Syberian Tiger.
vodka (what?! its good, w/e you say, you cant deny that)
Nico Bellic :P
First to be in space both women and men
largest stock of Weapons of Mass Destruction
Invasion of Georgia, recently
Communism in the past
Killing the economics of many countries in the past, and recently too
hate (other side doesnt like them too though....) for the west - not all of russians, but the propaganda in the news...
strictly controlled by government
main history events:
defeat of Nazis
Stopped by the Poles, while advancing against the west in 1920
consumed many countries, such as poland, ukraine, lithuania etc. in their communist past
Afghanistan invasion - big mistake
cold war against the west
Wages war on terror, more succesfully than the U.S
gigantic economics trouble in the past, now a strong economy
conquered by the Mongols, defeated them after a couple of centuries
Mafia hits no.1 businessman in Russia, shock (1930's) in the press

by Mort eind the medic! October 23, 2008

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