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Pronounced (Frawler)

Someone who not only copies all the words you say but also goes to the same websites you showed him, buys all the same video games you have, watches to the same youtube videos you watch, and shows them to his friends and takes credit when you actually found all of them.
You started going to Failblog.org, your friend saw you. Next day at school your friend shows the computer class failblog.org and everyone is like "wow your so cool." Then your like "Fucking FRWL Brawler!"
by Morshu The Shopkeep May 10, 2009
Pronounced (Frawler Noob)

Someone who copies all the funny words you made up and uses them so much they start taking credit for them.
Earlier that day you made up a funny new word and used it in front of your friend.

Later that day he uses it in front of some hot girl and the girl laughs and says "your funny" When you made it up.

Then you could be like "Dude dont be such a FWRL noob..."
by Morshu the Shopkeep May 10, 2009
Short for spamming Lol.
Instead of spamming lolololololololol...
Just type in "Epic Lulzerz".
by Morshu The Shopkeep May 11, 2009

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