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Anal lubrication between the buttocks, causing discomfort in physical activity involving movement of the legs eg. walking. Also can be used as an insult, with connotations of deep respect. (pl. Wetices)
1) Goddamn, I have a wetox again
2) That boy can be such a wetox sometimes...
by Morris February 26, 2004
A whiney admin in the #myspleen channel that complains about the bot performing google searches.
Nitrodist is a whiney administrator.
by morris December 25, 2004
n. an airport wraught with neverending flight delays
I took BART to SFO but arrived two days too late to make my flight. Oh wait. That's a problem with BART.
by morris September 18, 2003
The *awwww* feeling you get after people say something incredibly sweet or cheesy. Can be used as a substitue or in addition to "awwwwww".
When a friend says "He held my hand" you say "smush-smush".
by Morris February 07, 2005
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