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Trolling's true face. Most people that read thier articles instantly become disgusted and submit a negative definition on urbandictionary.com
Typical Encyclopedia dramatica page: blah blah blah negroes blah jews did wtc blah blah epic fail blah blah for teh lulz blah...
by Morovzny July 28, 2008
A word defined on urban dictionary that for some reason has more pictures than all other words combined.
I mean really, what the fuck?
hey emos isn't the internet too conformist for you?
the highest total number of pictures for any other word that is not the word emo is around 40...emo has over 400
by Morovzny February 28, 2008
Is an american actor whose career looked bright after starring in the successful film The Warriors in 1979, but then basically killed his career by starring in the box office bomb film Xanadu in 1980.
He even said himself "The warriors opened alot of doors for me, which Xanadu then closed."
Michael Beck's career pretty much went straight to hell after Xanadu.
Michael Beck: Curse you Oliva-Newton John!
by Morovzny January 02, 2008
the movie that juvinille punk ass white kids like to watch, and then they feel like they can beat anyone in a fight.
The film is about a eratic bipolar schmuck (edward Norton) who founds a fight club that eventually becomes a terrorist group that intends to fulfill operation mayhem. At the same time he constantly beats the shit out of himself thinking that hes fighting his alter ego-Tyler Durdan.
Near the end of the film just about the entire fucking population is in on operation mayhem and destroy giant corperate buildings so that they can "free the public"
Tyler: Ok everyone listen up! First rule about fight club: Don't talk about fight club!
Everyone: Yeah!
Tyler Second rule about figh..
Random person: Wait! your breaking the first rule. your talking about it!!!
Tyler: Ohh...then I guess we're done.
by Morovzny March 07, 2008
A film released in 2006 starring Josh Hartnett as Slevin, Bruce Willis as Mr. Goodkat, Lucy Liu as Lindsey, Morgan Freeman as The Boss and Ben Kingsley as The Rabbi.

It is basically a white supremacist's dream film come true, as the entire film is about Hartnett and Willis going around killing jews and black people. Thats pretty much all it is. I am just suprised they didn't get other ethnic groups and religions into the bloodbath.
Hartnett: Hey Bruce lets go kill everyone in a synagogue, burn it down and piss on the ashes! Then we'll go to a black baptist church and do the same exact thing!
Willis: Yeah!!!
Hartnett: And then lets strap Al Sharpton and Jerry Springer to chairs, and then make them die as slowly and painfully as possible!
Willis: Yeah they're gonna die hard!
KKK members watching the movie: Ok Lucky Number Slevin is the best movie EVAH! muahahahahah
by Morovzny January 24, 2008
An extremely fun, but extremely gay videogame.
The gameplay is amazing, but the whole disney thing totally kills it.

Also it uses the typical annoying square character layouts which they beat to death in every fucking game they make. just about every character has spikey hair...oversized bright eyes...ridiculous clothes that have zippers in totally pointless places...and so on.

Yea I know this word will get tons more thumb downs then thumb ups, Fuck you.
Kingdom Hearts 3 plotline: Sora and the warriors of light battle the dark forces of footlocker, Old Navy and the barber shop. Will and save the World(s) ?!?!?! 0_0
....I really hope not.
by Morovzny December 28, 2007
Someone that is rich or wealthy.
Jew--> (>$_$)> <(0_0<) <--Non-jew
by Morovzny March 22, 2008
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