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The most understated name in history, normally owned by only the most epically awesome, amazing, sexy, cultured, blunt, witty and intelligent people.
Kristians start off life with a huge amount of patience but are usually worn down into grumpy gits over time simply by one stupid question, see example.
Unfortunately the name Kristian (for the males) has had a reputation beat down in recent times, see google images with safe search off, and Eastenders and Hollyoaks characters.
Ever defiant, Kristians will no doubt embark on a Krusade to claim back the manliness of the title bestowed upon them as they never take shit off anyone, which can be detrimental to their life in many cases.
Kristians are a very misunderstood group due to their immense bluntness mostly by pussies who can't take being told about life in black and white, they are simple but intelligent beings and are believed to be the descendants of higher beings from a time long forgotten.
Not so smart, smart arse: ''are you a Christian, Kristian?''
Kristian (age below 20): ''no''

Not so smart, smart arse: ''are you a Christian, Kristian?''
Kristian (age above 20): ''no I'm a fukin Mooooslim!'' useually folllowed by ''that ruined your crap joke didn't it''
by Mornin'! September 16, 2010

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