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Swedish word for uncle or old man. Can be used in a condescending way to emphasize a person's dullnes and/or premature manners. In some swedish subcultures it can also be used as an adjective that can replace almost any other word or phrase that reflects any kind of outburst. Example: "Totally sweet", "awesome", "1337zorz", "like the worst day of my life", "boring"...
1) That old guy over there, he is my farbror.

2) Stop being such a lame ass party pooper, you premature farbror

3) Did you play the online gaming last night? I did. I got soooo many frags. I was soooo farbror.

4) -I met 2 blonds yesterday and had such a nice threesome! -Ohh! You farbror!
by Mormor Marianne August 16, 2006
Very popular swedish rockstar. His biggest hits are "Teddybjörnen Fredriksson" and "Stockholm i mitt hjärta".

Lasse has achieved an almost godlike status in many swedes' hearts, especially after his successful career as an MC in one of sweden's most popular blockbuster tv-shows. Even though his spirit has faded for the last few years, we swedes will never forget what he did to our hearts, souls and bodies.

Some legends will never die...
Dude, ur awesome. U must be Lasse Berghagen in disguise!?
by Mormor Marianne January 05, 2005

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