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Working class scumbags from the UK. Dressed in tracksuits whos sole purpose in life is to drink and fight. On saturday nights they might make an effort and put a shirt on but then they kick off and say "what r u lookin at" or "stop looking at me bird". These morlock fucks have the intellectual capacity of a piece of cat shit. The word is taken from the film version of HG Wells the timemachine. Those creatures that live underground are the same as these working class scumbags. (just watch their manerisms)All chavs/townies/scals can fucking die. They are a drain on the state, fucking workshy dolite scumbags. FUCK U morlocks of the world. Morlocks are theiving bastards aswell.
Look at that fucking Morlock starting fights with everyone. Or Look at that Morlock scumbag scabbing benefits off the state. Or Two people arguing loudly in a residential street at 4 in the morning. Morlocks are people without class. Morlocks can snap if u say the wrong thing. Morlocks luv populist mainstream culture i.e. football, dance music, drinking, fighting, and they fucking bum sportswear. Morlocks have no sense of culture or individualism. Morlocks are fucking mindless working class scumbags and Britain should invoke an extermination policy on these scrounging brainless fucks.
by Morlock Hater 72 March 07, 2006
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