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Leave without picking up the pieces after playing a board game.
I've done an "Éric Benoit" after our last board game session, I had to leave early for a meeting.
by Morgatzk March 04, 2013
A strong viral infection that can affect any good board game player, suddenly transforming him in a very bad player for many consecutive games.

• The player starts losing dreadfully at a board game where he used to be a good player; may last several games
• At first, the player says he was not lucky but as the symptoms persist, the disease reveals itself as simple bad luck may not explain playing so badly
• During the second phase of the disease, the player feels depressed, loses appetite and is unable to have fun anymore; no suicide reported yet
• To be considered a “Patenaudite”, the player must finish last during at least 3 consecutive games, way behind other players

Incubation time
• Unknown, the disease may happens shortly or many days after getting it from an infected player


• 3 and more consecutive games where the player finishes last
• But we have seen some cases where it could last up to a month

• No specific treatment seems to work, the disease disappears suddenly

• The disease seems to propagate to only one player at a time. It is considered as a singleton virus
(Infected player)

- Guys, I do not recognize myself (sorrow feeling).

- I don’t know how come I play so badly, I don’t understand what’s happening (player may start raging or crying or both)
- I think I’m having a Patenaudite (player feels despaired)
by Morgatzk October 29, 2014
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