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Origin: Unknown

Plain and simple, 'Robana' is a combination of two words. 'Rotten' and 'banana.'

Like most colloquial terms and combinations, 'Robana' makes saying or describing something something different, more fun, and a little more easier.

It is commonly used as a descriptive word through metaphors and similes.

One could refer to someone or something as a 'robana' in a metaphorical sense, or, to make the simile, one could simply describe someone or something's stench--or whatever, really--to be like that of a 'robana.'
Tyler smelled like a robana in class after having come from the blistering Texas heat outdoors.

White Wyatt's fungal foot was like a robana!
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by Morgasms! September 14, 2011
It is a fun game to play in any English class in school. Especially when you are learning and studying SAT words!

Basically, once you have learned the word, any time you see/hear the word used in everyday speech, novels, movies, etc., you must shout "SAT Word BAM!" first.

It makes for an intriguing competition amongst your peers and also helps to commit those important additions to your vocabulary to memory.
SAT Word: "Despot: n. A tyrant."

"Mrs. Harrold is such a despot sometimes!" David complained in regards to his new seating arrangements.

"SAT Word BAM!!!" Travis declared upon hearing the term. Soon after, a loud sea of proclamations sounded through the classroom ending in a bout of laughter due to the little competition.
#sat word bam #competition #class game #sat #bam
by Morgasms! December 09, 2011
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