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Pithole as the name suggests they are unavoidable bumps in the road of life, usually the nastiest, ugliest least attractive woman you will even encounter. When driving down the road of life you try to avoid pitholes whenever possible, but its inevitable that every once in a while you will hit a pithole.
When walking in the mall, your friend sees a horribly ugly woman, he says "watch out for that pithole" to get your attention. Due to his quick thinking, you both avoid this troll.
by Morgan O January 29, 2004

An annoying woman who when seen gives you an incredible urge to run her over, but you don't have the guts to actually go through with it.
While driving down the road we saw a Pylon that we worked with. Despite the temptation to run her over repeatedly the threat of going to jail saved her life.
by Morgan O January 25, 2004

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