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A ruthless capitalist numbnuts who deserves to be boiled alive in his own oil. Commander-in-Chief of the British Army, Navy and RAF. Caring owner of Tony, fifty-something year old poodle, exceptionally well-trained. Former Governor of Texas, if only he'd stayed there. Sniffed cocaine at Harvard, where he was only able to survive thanks to the fact that the people in charge of the institution had their lips firmly clammed shut round George Bush Senior's greasy cock. If this man were to simply convert to Islam this would be a better world.
"President" George W. Bush tragically died today. Ah well.
by Morgan Davies January 16, 2004
A primal outburst intended to fill in those awkward lulls in conversation.
"...and it turns out it was the vicar's wife."
by Morgan Davies January 16, 2004
An annoying bastard
"and that's why we should go and liberate Iraq"
"shut up you furry sack-head"
by Morgan Davies January 16, 2004

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