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1. Used after interrogative pronouns as an intensifier to express anger, frustration, incredulity, or other strong emotion; Used after verbs forming a part of a phrasal verb as an intensifier to imply aggressive emphasis; Used as a shortened form of the common interrogative phrases

2. sleep together: have sexual intercourse with

3. 5 letters meant to create confusion and discord in the general public
Texting conversation:
Guy: "Dude, I just dswased my girlfriend!"
other guy: "nice!"

Other guy's mom reads text-
other guy's mom: what does dswased mean?
other guy: i have no idea...
by Moreau-BOSS April 04, 2011
This is a phenomenon that occurs during group chat, when someone asks for an opinion/question, and then right when you say, "i agree" someone before you says another opinion, so the other people dont know who you agree with...
Group Chat:

Megan- Hey guys, do you think we should have a constitution? I mean, we're trying to create a fake project, I think its worth it.

Jack- I dont think it's neccessary

Vishal- I agree

Jack- with who?

Vishal- o dang. got Group chat cut-off (gcco) ... i agreed with megan.

Jack- oh. got it.
by Moreau-Boss August 24, 2011

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