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A pop singer who hates her music being called "pop" even though that's what it is. If you look at the credits on her albums, you will see that she had other guitarists play FOR her. She's a fraud of saying (and I quote) "My music is NOT pop. It's rock with a punk feel." Also, if you've ever seen her music video for "Complicated", you'll notice that the entire video and song is enitrely hypocritical.
Avril is a liar. Damn those Canadians!
by Morbidia May 20, 2005
The fat girl at school who dyes her hair neon pink and purple, wears pink and purple fishnet, talks as loud as she can, eats as much as she can, and says "hi" to everybody, even people who hate her. Never shuts up about the fact that she has a pool in her backyard, and cries when there's nobody around to talk to.
Wow, that fat girl is really annoying. What an attention whore.
by Morbidia May 29, 2005
Long coats that only look good on certain people (Peter Murhpy). Unfortunately, almost everyone you see wearing a trench coat is a really ugly acne-faced video gamer.
"Mommy, why is that scary man wearing a big coat? He scares me!"

"Don't mind him, Jimmy, he's harmless. He'll beat you at Halo, but that's about it."
by Morbidia May 30, 2005
Generally a freshman or sophomore girl in high school who dresses in all black and claims that they're "gothic", even if they've never heard of any gothic bands such as Bauhaus, Clan Of Xymox, etc. They tend to think that bands such as Marilyn Manson and Slipknot are goth. They cut themselves for attention, and they usually cut on the wrong side of their arm to make it more noticable. Generally wear T-shirts so you can see the scars, but cover them up when they get home.
1. Stupid Freshman: "Oh my god, Jackie cut herself again because her boyfriend didn't call her back last night!"

Mature Junior: "Who cares?"

2. Jackie smiled as she cut herself one night and said, "Haha, now my boyfriend will HAVE to love me!"
by Morbidia May 28, 2005
When one becomes envious of others, usually the others being their "friends" and they are usually envious because their friends are secure and they are not. The often deny being jealous.
Camille is jealous of Suzanne because Suzanne has had he same boyfriend for over a year, and Camille has too much acne to be in a relationship.

One day, Camille's parents gave her a car. Camille bragged about it to Suzanne, but Suzanne didn't really give a shit because Suzanne wasn't dependant on her parents.
by Morbidia May 29, 2005
A high school 9th-grader who owns a LiveJournal, complains about how much their parents are making their lives suck, tries to get as much attention from the older kids as possible, copies others to be cool... You get the idea. They're basically complete drama queens who should go back to middle school.
There should be a rule that you have to be at least 16 to enter high school; saves the rest of us a lot of stress.
by Morbidia May 28, 2005
"Virgin For Life". Typically the boys wear tighty whities, long white socks, and video game-themed shirts. The girls wear Invader Zim shirts and carry around manga books.
Anime nerds are automatic VFLs, unless they find a fellow anime nerd who will screw them while they roleplay as Pikachu and Sailor Moon.
by Morbidia May 29, 2005
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