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Someone who is freakishly obsessed with Bam Margera. Most commonly found on the BMMB.
A bamtard would say: OMG I luv the bamagram, it's soooo kewl! Bam's hottttt!!!!!11 Element rawks and so does Bam's band CKY!!!!!!!
by MorbidFreddie April 18, 2004
Infested with bamtards, but still a good place to go. You'll find yourself wasting hours there.
Dude, the BMMB (Bam Margera Message Board) has been taken over by the BAMMIES!
by MorbidFreddie May 19, 2004
A kick ass place where you'll waste most of the day.
Visit the BMMB, y0,
by MorbidFreddie April 18, 2004

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