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4 definitions by Moralqua

The freaking kickinest show on TV ever made. With an awesome cast. Basically, everyone and their dog (and/or cat) need to watch it.
1. Girl 1: Did you catch that episode of LOST last night?
Girl 2: Heck yes I did! That Charlie is so, HOT!

2. Guy 1: Did you catch that episode of LOST last night?
Guy 2: SWEET ACTION!!!!!
by Moralqua July 13, 2005
the superlative form of kickin; i.e. kickin', kickiner, kickinest; the most awesome of them all; can also be "most kickin", i.e. kickin', more kickin', most kickin'.
Dude that cheese was the kickinest I have ever tasted!

LOST is the most kickin' show on TV.
by Moralqua July 13, 2005
n. The latest phrase, which indeed means, the latest phrase.
by Moralqua August 18, 2005
An OS (operating system) created by Apple Computers that rocks your face off beyond belief. It is very user friendly.
Mac User-My OSX can outrun your Windows XP with style.
Windows Pansy, I mean, User-*whimper*
by Moralqua August 17, 2005