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The freaking kickinest show on TV ever made. With an awesome cast. Basically, everyone and their dog (and/or cat) need to watch it.
1. Girl 1: Did you catch that episode of LOST last night?
Girl 2: Heck yes I did! That Charlie is so, HOT!

2. Guy 1: Did you catch that episode of LOST last night?
Guy 2: SWEET ACTION!!!!!
by Moralqua July 13, 2005
the superlative form of kickin; i.e. kickin', kickiner, kickinest; the most awesome of them all; can also be "most kickin", i.e. kickin', more kickin', most kickin'.
Dude that cheese was the kickinest I have ever tasted!

LOST is the most kickin' show on TV.
by Moralqua July 13, 2005
n. The latest phrase, which indeed means, the latest phrase.
Person 1: "How now, brown cow?" is one kickin phranse.
Person 2: Word.
by Moralqua August 18, 2005
An OS (operating system) created by Apple Computers that rocks your face off beyond belief. It is very user friendly.
Mac User-My OSX can outrun your Windows XP with style.
Windows Pansy, I mean, User-*whimper*
by Moralqua August 17, 2005
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