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A very cool message board...full of the coolest teen web-savvy people you'll find. The admins are super hawt and scene, too.
JetRockit was awesome last night....did you see that debate about ______?
by Moosey May 15, 2004
SPAMCOP - Society for the Prevention of Ample Mis-use And Correcting Of Punctuation.
An orginization started by HapFairy and Moosey.
"I've been called a Grammar Nazi...I should join SPAMCOP!"
by Moosey April 06, 2005
Derived from Usher Raymond's mother's name "Jonetta Patton." This refers to a legendary sister who is ranked almost as highly as a member of Usher's family.
Yo yo yo Jonnetta! How the devil are you?
by Moosey February 24, 2005
An italian of normal hight that ravages the IP of computers he finds; Someone that can anhialate your computer from affar(synonomys with hacker)
He's just like cino!
by Moosey May 23, 2004
The plural form of goose is geese for only two birds. where as gooses is for three or more.
there are many gooses in the world. and i want to eat some geese (2)
by moosey July 07, 2004

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