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When you think that you know everything and are cool as hell. This person thinks that they are cool and often partake in stupid activities to seem cool. In reality, they suck.
"Johnny really thinks he has a chance to score with that hot chick. His pick up lines are so lame. He's a Thounch."
by Moose81 July 14, 2009
This is a male or female who pretty much knows all. They are cool and wise on all levels. This person is looked upon as the highest standard of human nature.
"There is nothing about Kevin that sucks. He knowches".
by Moose81 July 14, 2009
When someone gets extremely trashed on alcohol or drugs. This person often cannot carry on a conversation and usually pukes all over the place. An ambulance ride is most likely inevitable.
"Dude. I was at a party last night and some guy was falling all over the place and pissed himself. He was so squalled out".
by Moose81 July 14, 2009

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