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A room containing absolutely nothing of useful value or interest in it. In other words, the only way you could possibly get any entertainment out of such a room is to use it as a jerk-off room (like a monkey in a cage with nothing better to do). Can also be used in video games to refer to rooms that are completely empty and serve no better use than to waste your time investigating them (every now and then they might even have a monster in them guarding jack shit).
I wish that I could find a save point right now instead of all these goddamn monkey rooms!
by moose madness January 27, 2008
A huge load swallowed at the end of a late night, after hours blow job. A play on Taco Bell's late night binge eating promotion.
When we got home from the club at 3 a.m. and my bitch dropped down on her knees and violently pulled out my cock,that's when I knew she was ready for some fourth meal!
by Moose Madness November 16, 2007
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