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1 definition by MoooF

To make a statement to return serve (see served)
In order for self service to occur, the subject must state a fact that is obviously incorrect, mispronounce words or to basically make a fool of one's self in a feeble attempt to make a own of another individual. A successful 'service match' requires an umpire.

Once self-service has occured, the individual who served himself got owned.
(Note: whilst serving at a 'basic' level, serves don't need to make much sense).

Chris:"You're gay!"

Oli: "So's your face!"

Chris:"So's your mother's face".

Oli: "Uhhh...if my mother's face is gay, what does that make mine?"

Umpire Sean: "Lol, self service!"

Chris:"You got owned buddy"
*walks off with the ladies*

In this example, note the similaor subject between serves, this is common whilst servage is occuring. When a Ralleigh gets going, serves tend to get more complex.
by MoooF December 21, 2006