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People who claim to be of the Catholic religion but only practice it during Lent. Usually pissing off all the non Catholics friends during this period with their "I can only have fish" protest when someone suggest what to have for dinner.
"Hey honey you wanna go to Tony Roma's tonight?"

"Duh, its Friday and Im Catholent"
by moonpie225 March 06, 2010
When someone is walking down the street and hold one arm down at their waistband at all times to keep their concealed gun from moving or making their pants fall down. Called this due to one arm never moving resembling the post Stroke Bob Dole
"that dude just bob dole walked past us, I bet he is packing"
by Moonpie225 October 29, 2011
I dont know what all these abbreviations mean. This is a response to Internet slang when someone throws some obscure or self made abbreviation on you.
Douchbag: "i k i k f - d m m d h a d u r c p u"

by moonpie225 October 13, 2011
A bartender who is flashy and puts on a good show for the patron or a bartender who mixes and drinks colorful and attractive to look at.
Carly is just a good Bartist, she mixed my drink like a juggler and it came out with 7 layers of color.
by Moonpie225 January 06, 2012
Is what occurs when you are trying to play a long embedded video of high quality and the downloading is trying to out run the speed of the video playing so you do not get the "buffering" delay.
I was trying to watch "Grinding the Crack" on youtube in HD but my download was so slow it lost the lag race and I had to pause it so it could continue to download.
by Moonpie225 February 06, 2012

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