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When you jerk off in bed and you are too lazy to care where you cum, you inevitably squirt your juices in your sheets. You then get tired and fall asleep, bam, a week later you've got a bad case of bunk funk.
Guy #1: "Dude, what are those crusty white patches on your sheets?"
Guy #2: "Damn I forgot to clean that shit after I was whacking the weasel."
Guy #1: "That's right bitch, now you've got a rancid case of bunk funk."
by Moonnite July 09, 2009
Oil that is hard to reach either from: ultra deep water, freezing temperatures, political instability, or any other applicable factor.
Guy #1: "Alaska's crude oil supply is huge, but it is almost impossible to drill."
Guy #2: "That oil isn't crude, it's just prude oil."
by Moonnite July 09, 2009

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