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A fictional fraternity rushee who never accepts a bid but rather goes through rush year after year, smoking free cigarettes, drinking free beer, ironing his pants, and banging as many girls as possible.
Byron Rodslammer passed on the fall bids he'd received in favor of light beer and the option to rawdogg sophomore girls while his counterparts were at pledge meetings and cleanup.
by MoonlightBen June 02, 2005
An alcoholic beverage consisting of scotch and milk in equal parts over ice. For added flavor, try including white chocolate liqueur.
An ardent scotch fan, Byron Rodslammer downed several white cadillacs before heading off to the night's rush event.
by MoonlightBen July 11, 2005
Term meaning marijuana and evoking connotations of said drug's ability to render a smile and remove inhibitions.
Before sitting on the couch for three hours eating potato chips, Bryon Rodslammer smoked some hibbity.
by MoonlightBen July 11, 2005
Akin to Oktoberfest, an annual New Orleans event begun in 2001 celebrating scotch, the water of life, but also involving food, beer, wine, and other spirits.
Everyone looks forward to Scotchtoberfest, a chance to polish off a white cadillac and talk to some beautiful women.
by MoonlightBen July 22, 2005
wasted; extremely drunk or intoxicated
After taking down a fifth of bourbon while watching college football, Thompson was smoked and decided to switch to beer.
by MoonlightBen December 07, 2005

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