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Another name for "camel Toe" When a females pants are too tight causing her pussy lips to show right through, resembling a camels toe.
Jim: Yo, Sara's got mad camel crotch today! Looks like she buy them pants in the 80's!
Yaw: I know her pootie looks edible!
by Moonie October 24, 2003
A user at a popular message board named Eskimo Haven who thinks he's sexayer then Moonie
Manny, for the last time Moonie is god!
by Moonie March 01, 2005
One could say he's the most popular memeber at a message board named Eskimo Haven. Everyone hails down to him while he and his goofy friends like Dart, Magus, CoD, Manny, and Jeff all go on crazy adventures
Moonie don't say true dat again!
by Moonie March 04, 2005

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