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Second Place is First Loser
1> Dude, I did alright. I came in second.
2> Man, second place is first loser!
by MoonKnight November 24, 2002
Word used by utter retards that can't spell the word "psycho". Also see "syco", "syko", "phyco", and countless other variants.
1> U r pycho.
2> WTF? I'm "pi-cho"?
1> Ya, bicth.
2> Goddamn, you're a retard.
by MoonKnight November 23, 2002
1) Computer Programmer. Someone who is skilled in the ways of coding.
2) Porn addict. See computer science.
1) Dave: So what do you want to do in the future?
Greg: I want to be a codemonkey.

2) Dave: So what do you want to do in the future?
Greg: I want to be a codemonkey.
by MoonKnight November 18, 2002
Similar to meh.
Smeh, same old, same old.
by MoonKnight November 29, 2002
Italian company. Name usually used to refer to any of the elite motorized scooters the company produces.
Can I drive you home on my Vespa?
by MoonKnight November 27, 2002
Usually used to describe aftermarket part added to cars. If used properly, makes a very nice deep growl. Used improperly yields a very shitty sound, like on crappy rice rockets because they think it adds 25 hp. Also see fart pipe aka fart can.
Shit, man, i like that growl.
by MoonKnight November 26, 2002
Common phrase said by Adam Carolla to Dr. Drew Pinsky on the nationally syndicated radio show Loveline.
Dr. Drew: But Adam, I thought you said you like that stuff.
Adam: How dare you!
by MoonKnight November 25, 2002

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