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Better name than "cell phone". "Cell phone" just sounds tacky, while calling your mobile a "moe-bile" sounds very elite. It's also what the Brits call their mobile phones.
Call me up on my mobile, houses!
by MoonKnight November 25, 2002
Great quarterly published magazine. Very informative.
I picked up 2600 at Barnes & Noble today, it's a sweet issue.
by MoonKnight November 13, 2002
To use MapQuest to find directions to a location, usually someone's house.
Hold up, brah, I need to mapquest that chick's house before we go.
by MoonKnight March 16, 2003
Coined by Adam Carolla of Loveline. Combination of "spaz" and "loser". Spaz as in the geek who owns his own comic book store and Loser as in someone who waits outside a studio for an hour and a half for Tia Carrere to sign a copy of Playboy so he can sell it on eBay for $26.
That guy is such a sploser.
by MoonKnight December 04, 2002
1) A guy who is so nice to every girl he knows that before he knows it, everyone is past the "Friend" threshold and thus impossible to date due to the "I don't want to mess up what we have" argument.

2) A dildo.
by MoonKnight March 28, 2003
Word stems from the company Nitrous Oxide Systems, or NOS. For some reason ricers call all nitrous oxide systems NOS, even though it's the company name. They didn't create nitrous oxide, "they simply perfected its use and elevated to a position of prominence." Nitrous oxide is written as N2O.
Shut up, you stupid ricer.
by MoonKnight December 01, 2002
Estonian/Finnish for "cunt".
by MoonKnight November 18, 2002

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