108 definitions by MoonKnight

To have everything wrong happen at the exact same time.
Dammit, I got clusterfucked today.
by MoonKnight December 24, 2002
Old slang from the World War II era, still perfectly acceptable today. Similar to "cool!"
1> Check out this rad shirt I bought!
2> Coolbeans!
by MoonKnight November 24, 2002
...but far from good. A chick that looks smoking hot from a distance, but when she gets closer you find out she's pretty beat.
by MoonKnight March 18, 2003
Similar to "sweet" except it's spelled out the way I say it.
Suhweet, dude.
by MoonKnight December 05, 2002
A bleak situation.
I got a D in the class? This does not look good for Homestar Runner.
by MoonKnight January 26, 2003
Home of cheap stuff, expired brand name food, and almost expired food from brands you've never heard of.
Hey dude I'm gonna go buy some party poppers at the 99 cent store.
by MoonKnight November 30, 2002
Another way of saying "Wait a minute" or "Wait a second", etc.
Wait a tick, if what you're saying is true... I still don't care!
by MoonKnight November 27, 2002

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