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108 definitions by MoonKnight

When used as a verb, it means to play a song in winamp.
You got the latest Allister cd? Winamp it!
by MoonKnight November 25, 2002
Up shit creek without a paddle.
by MoonKnight November 30, 2002
Process by which one sings a song in front of a group of people, with only musical accompanient and scrolling words.
Don't stand. Don't stand so. Don't stand so close to me.
by MoonKnight November 29, 2002
Type of Paintball match where the goal is not to capture the flag. The goal is to tag out the opposing team.
Lots of people on UD don't know how to properly use the "Pronunciation" box.
by MoonKnight November 23, 2002
Two in the pink, one in the stink.
Shock: One in the stink
Awe: Two in the pink
by MoonKnight March 23, 2003
Awesome, great.
My cousin gave me tickets to the Kings hockey game last night, and damn man those seats were CHOICE!
by MoonKnight January 23, 2003