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Cocaine which is sprinkled over marijuana bong hits.
Robin: Whoa ~ My head can't stop spinning around. I'm so fucked up right now!

Ryan: Me too girl. Snowcaps are no joke!
by MoonCricket July 23, 2005
The year most popular with introducing the human race to "Generation Zero". As in zero flaws of any kind ..... to ALL MAN KIND born of that year.
Savi: So, when is your baby due?

Kenya: Well, I selected to have a Fall birth with the Gnome Laboratory ..... Right now I'm looking at November 5th, 2015 between 5 and 9 PM.
by MoonCricket February 08, 2005
1. To give up to the control or influence of another person or agent. To give up with the intent of never again claiming a right or interest in

2. To withdraw from often in the face of danger or encroachment

3. To withdraw protection, support, or help from
The boat was blown to bits. The sailors had no choice but to abandon Ship.
by MoonCricket March 27, 2005
Inhaling marijuana smoke trapped in a toilet paper roll or similar device.
Luke: Hey, get that toilet paper roll out of the garbage for me.

Suzzy: What for .. ?

Luke: Trust me ~ you'll love this. I'm gonna give u a steamboat.
by MoonCricket July 23, 2005
Short for papers.

1. Cigarette papers used to roll up marijuana joints
2. A term used to describe money. Paper forms like dollar bills.
1. Hey, can you grab me some papes at 7-11.

2. You know I gotta get my ass to work ... make them papes, ya know!
by MoonCricket February 05, 2004
A term used to express a salutation to another person. Particularly wanting to hear any good news. Similar to the phrase, "What's up?".
Ayo! What's really good in da hood?!!
by MoonCricket February 05, 2004
The term "Bamma" is used loosley to describe a person from Alabama or any of the other surrounding southern states.
I could tell from his accent that he was a bamma nigga.
by MoonCricket February 05, 2004

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