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Acting as if unsure what to do.

It can mean uncertain or even hesitant.
I was tentative about signing up for parachuting lessons.
by Moon Goat September 09, 2004
A word or sentence that is the same as itself backwards.

A song by They Might Be Giants.

A reference to Oroboros, the Greek god of infinity and rebirth.
Racecar. Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog.

"I palindrome I, I am a snake head eating the tail on the opposite side."

A snake eating its tail to survive, often depicted with light and dark sections.
by Moon Goat September 09, 2004
Making waffles, I guess.
I was cooking waffles for my dog, therefore I was waffling.
by Moon Goat August 20, 2004
The most awesome screen-name ever created. You may find him at Renderosity and YFTW.
Moon Goat taught me how to ride a bike.
by Moon Goat September 09, 2004
Lindero Canyon Middle School, which included student Andrew Bloom from 2000-2004. He is awesome and is the coolest person the school will ever see.
I'm going from LCMS to AHS, y'know?
by Moon Goat September 12, 2004

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