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A white woman who is married to a white man but has a black lover on the side. She goes black because her husband has a small penis and she craves a big black cock in her pussy. She will occasionally still have sex with her husband because she loves him but she is crazy for her black stud and gets wet just thinking about him, which is most of the time.
Sarah is a black cock wife because Chris has a three-inch dick and she craves Jerome's 9-incher.
by Moon Fish May 07, 2009
A dream had by white women in which they shout out "give me your big black cock now honey". This can be very embarrassing and awkward if the lady is sleeping with her husband or boyfriend.
Do I satisfy you, honey?

Of course, sweetie! <crosses fingers>

So what was that you were shouting in the night?

Don't worry honey, that was just a black cock dream. All girls have them.
by Moon Fish May 19, 2009
What most white girls dream of getting in their mouths and pussies.
What did you wish for at the fountain?

Nine inches of spunking black cock.

Dirty bitch.
by Moon Fish May 08, 2009

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